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Objective Rebuttal



Islamic writings teach the use of pretext to initiate hostilities.


1.       Principle of Pretext:  The critic is highly influenced by the ideology of extremist, which are few in numbers if you take the total 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world. It is just like that some on select the ideology of any small Christian sect to criticize the Roman Catholics or Protestants. The Muslims do not need any more pretext, West has provided them enough. All the ills of effecting the world peace has been initiated by the Western Imperialism, now lead by USA. The Palestinian conflict the root cause of threat to world peace is the creation of West, and nourished by West. Killing two birds with one stone, avenging the Jews for killing [alleged] of Jesus Christ [God of Christians] on one hand and keeping Muslims under turmoil so as to control and exploit their natural resources [oil]. The simmering Kashmir issue was created by British while leaving India in hurry in 1947. Afghan Mujahideen [now known as terrorists Taliban and Al Qaeda] are creation of US/West against communist USSR.

2.       The bogie of Takfeeri Doctrine is used a pretext to kill innocent Muslims. The pronouncement to declare any non practicing Muslim, to be an apostate, (Murtad) hence liable to be killed is called Takfir. It has become a central ideology of militant groups across the world to kill innocent Muslims including children, women, young and old at public places and even in mosques, through suicide bombing. Mainstream Muslims and Islamic groups reject the pseudo concept of ‘Takfir’ as a doctrinal deviation [bid’at], heresy, un-Islamic and marked by bigotry and zealotry. If a Muslim fails to perform some of his obligations and is remiss in practice or commits some such actions as are forbidden, yet he believes in the liability of all obligations and the impropriety of all unlawful deeds, he will continue to be a Muslim though he will be a sinner.

3.      Permanent State of War?  Who is gaining through state of permanent war like environments created by the West against Muslims and Islam?  Muslims are looser, their people are being killed in large numbers in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Palestine. Their   resources are diverted in defending themselves instead of education and socio-economic development. Western companies who supply war material are the gainer. The state of war is useful to the West so that their world domination remain unchallenged.

4.       Theory of Zones of Islam, Peace & War is Dead: The view appears to be taken form ‘radical extremist sources’, which still living in the past use the outdated jargons like ‘Zone (House) of War’ [dar-ul-harab] and permanent state of war between Islam and rest of the world to justify, legitimacy of their equally nefarious activates as of their opponents. The militants shrewdly try to take shelter behind Islam. The traditional scholars considered the world comprising three zones: 1) The House of Islam (Dar-ul-Islam), zone where Muslims are ascendant; 2) The House of Peace (Dar-ul-Aman), those countries (zones, powers) with whom Muslims have peace agreements and treaties, and 3) The House of War (Dar-ul-Harab)  the rest of the world which did not allow to convey the message of Islam to their people. In the present world all the nations are members of United Nations Organization and signatory to its charter of peaceful coexistence and basic human rights, whereby every human being is free to adopt and practice any faith. Qur’an very strictly emphasize adherence to treaties:

“yet it is your obligation to help them [Muslims] in the matters of faith if they ask for your help, except against a people with whom you have a treaty”[Qur’an;8:72]

“So fulfill your treaties with them to the end of their term; for Allah loves the righteous.” ”[Qur’an;9:4]

“Those who make treaties with you and time after time violate their treaties, and have no fear of Allah. If you encounter them in combat, make them a fearsome example for others who would follow them so that they all may learn a lesson.”[Qur’an;856-57]

Hence now whole world be termed as ‘The House of Peace’ (Dar-ul-Aman), except the conflict zones, where Muslims are under oppression and subjugation. Muslims are not in permanent state of war with rest of the world, the inferences drawn by some traditional scholars for specific circumstances do not become dogma for ever. There is no Pope and no Papal decree in Islam. Qur’an and Sunnah is available to all, the modern scholars and thinkers have to employ Ijtehad, [independent reasoning] as opposed to Taqlid [blind imitation, of opinions of the past].

5.       Provocation: It’s not the Muslims who are provoking; it is few extremists among the West and USA, who provoke Muslims every now and then, the media give them wide converge, to make it appear as if those are views of entire West.

                         a.      The caricature issue is periodically created; prior it was Salman Rushdee affair. Such blasphemous activities provoke the Muslims all over the world. This is done on the pretext of freedom of expression. On the other hand it is crime to deny holocaust! Double standards.

                         b.      All this is done to keep Muslims embroiled in smaller issue and dominate them to control their resources.

6.       Paradise:  One can go to paradise, even without fighting and dying. One can enjoy life in this world and hereafter both.  The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "If you guarantee me 6 things on your part I shall guarantee you Paradise:

1)      Truth be spoken, when you talk

2)      Promise be honored  a when you make it

3)      Trust must be fulfill your when you are trusted with something

4)      Sexual immorality be avoided,

5)      Lower your eyes,

6)      Injustice should not be done.

Hadith Narrated Ubadah ibn as-Samit: Ahmad and Bayhaqi, in Shu'ab al-Iman transmitted it. [Al-Tirmidhi Hadith#1260]

7.       Shari'a law: In most of the countries with majority Muslim population are not following Shari'a law. It reminds the famous quotation: ‘charity begins from home’ Muslims have to first put their own house in order before embarking upon universal mission. Islam was first established in Arabia, then it was spread the world over.  

8.       Lack of Power Base: How can weak people, economically as well militarily can launch aggression against the most advanced and richest Western powers. It appears that the critics are not aware of geopolitics. Terrorist with their activities can not change the world.

9.       Role Model:  Prophet Mohammad [pbuh] is the role model for the Muslims, but apart from participating in few defensive battles, he was a preacher, husband, ruler, leader, humane, trustworthy, kind and loveable simple personality, why it is thought that only his military aspect is to be copied and not other aspects?  

10.   Middle East: If Middle East is not of any significance, then why West and USA are making every effort to keep their physical military presence in the region, they should pack up and leave world will be much safer.

11.   Phobia: While few extremist claiming to be Muslims are suffering from ‘Infidel Phobia’, a large number of Westerners are suffering from Islamophobia. Instead of getting entangled in to philosophies of terrorists which majority Muslims reject, they should try to find out what real Islam is? Only then will they be able to work jointly with mainstream Muslims for world peace.

[Allah knows the best]


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