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Abraham-Father of 3 Faiths

According to the Jewish tradition, Abraham (peace be upon him) was the first person to reject idolatry, hence he symbolically appears as the founder of monotheistic religions. In that sense, Abrahamic religion could be simply equated with monotheistic religion, but not all monotheistic religions are Abrahamic. In Islam Abraham is considered as the first monotheist (besides Adam & Noaha) and is often refered to as Ibrahim al-Hanif or Abraham the Monotheist.
In the study of comparative religion, an Abrahamic religion’אַבְרָהָם Arabic (Ibrahim), a patriarch whose life is narrated in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, and as a prophet in the Qur'an. This forms a large group of related, largely monotheistic religions, generally held to include Judaism, Christianity, Islam, comprises about half of the world's religious adherents. is any of those religions deriving from a common ancient ‘Semitic Tradition’ and traced by their adherents to Abraham ("Father/Leader of many") Hebrew
All the Abrahamic religions are based upon worship, total submision and obedieence to One Supreme God [Most of the Christians adhere to the concept of Trinity]. They are rooted to some extent from Judaism as practiced in ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah prior to the Babylonian Exile, at the beginning of the 1st millennium BCE. Many believe that Judaism in Biblical Israel was renovated and reformed to some extent in the 6th century BCE by Ezra and other priests returning to Israel from the exile. Samaritanism separated from Judaism in the next few centuries.
According to the Bible, the patriarch Abraham (or Ibrahim, in Arabic) had eight sons by three wives: one (Ishmael) by his wife's servant Hagar taken as wife, one (Isaac) by his first wife Sarah, and six by another wife Keturah. Moses, Jesus, Muhammad (peace be upon them all) are all descendants of Abraham through one of these sons. Jews see Abraham as the progenitor of the people of Israel, through his descendants Isaac and Jacob, also called Israel, hence the his decendents are called ‘Children of Israel’  or ‘Bani Israel’ in Arabic, prsently also known as ‘Jews’. Christians view Abraham as an important exemplar of faith, and a spiritual ancestor of Jesus, a Jew and the Son of God, through whom God promised to bless all the families of the earth.
The Muslims refer to Christians and Jews, among others, as People of the Book ("the Book" symbolizes divine scripture).  They see Abraham as one of the most important of the many prophets sent by God. Thus Abraham represents for some, a point of commonality whom they seek to emphasize. Muslims believe in the Biblical propehts and rever them as their own prophets including Jesus Christ. The gulf is created between Muslims and Jews, from Jesus onwards, who was rejected by Jews, but Muslim consider him to be the propeht of God for Jews and Muhammd (peace be upon him), the last propeht for humanity, as fulfilment of Covenent of God with Abrahm. Qur’an frequently refer to the Bani Israel, who failed to fulfill their part of Covenent resulting in shift of leader ship role to the Children of Ishmael, the ancestor of Porphet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and Arabs. Hence the Muslims share physical, spiritual and historical  heritage with Jews and Chrisitans.
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