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Most of e-books are authored by Aftab Khan a freelance researcher and writer, working for peace and interfaith understanding. His research work is regularly published in DJ (, which has been compiled in the the form of e-Books available here. Some books of other authors are also included.

Four basic books [Creator, Creation, Guidance, Islam-Broader Perspective] can be obtained totally FREE at doorstep [within Pakistan], by sending name and complete postal address via  SMS @ +92300-4443470. 

Most of e-Books  can be downloaded (save as) or read online: <Web/Doc> or <PDF> 


The Message of Quran: By  Muhammad Asad
Amazing Quran: by Gary Miller
Guide to Study Quran
Essence of Quran in 3 Verses
Obligations of Muslims to Quran
Assan Quran [Arabic, Urdu]

Islam Basics:
Islam: A General Introduction: By Sheikh Ali Tantawi [English]
"Islam: A General Introduction: By Sheikh Ali Tantawi" [Urdu]
Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] 
Encyclopedia of Islam: 


Humanism or Atheism

Universe, Science & God

Faith & Reason

The Creator

The Creation / Why We Exist?

The Guidance

Islam: Broader Perspective

Fundamentals of Faith

Metaphysics & Eschatology

Philosophy- Islamic Thought & Revivalists

Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam (by Dr.M.Iqbal)

Challenges to Faith 


The Myths and Legends of Ancient Greece and Rome: By E. M. Bernes 
The Hindus: An Alternative History by Wendy Doniger     
Bible: Myths and their Parallels in other religions By T. W. Doane   




General Topics: 

Jihad, Extremism



Power Politics, Conspiracies; Threat to World Peace: 


Humanity, Religion, Culture, Ethics, Science, Spirituality & Peace



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