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25. Dibble Standards

Objective Rebuttal



The explicit use of double standards.


1.                   Freedom to Preach, Practice: The Christian missionaries are working all over in the Muslim countries in the guise of spreading education, improving society through health and social works. There is mushroom growth of NGOs [Non Governmental Organizations] sponsored by charity and other missions from West. It is only in few countries like Saudi Arabia where there is some restriction. There is large population of non Muslims, especially Christens among Muslims. Muslims treat Christians with respect because Qur’an calls them ‘People of The Scripture’:

“nearest among them in love to the believers wilt thou find those who say: "We are Christians:" because amongst these are men devoted to learning and men who have renounced the world and they are not arrogant”[Qur’an:5:82].

However they can not be allowed to preach openly, their doctrines which are against the teachings of Islam. They are allowed to preach and practice their faith among themselves. The scholarly debates among intellectuals of diverse religions take place as ‘Interfaith Dialogue’. The population will also get hostile for any blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] and Qur’an, and there could law and order problem.

Blasphemy against Prophet [pbuh]: It is well known that Muslims, practicing or non practicing love Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] more than themselves, their children and parents. Why then in West every now and then, some move is launched like cartoons episode. All Biblical Prophets till Jesus Christ [pbuh] are believed and respected by Muslims. They can not even think of defaming Moses, David, Solomon Or Jesus Christ [peace be upon them all]. If any one does he shall go out of fold of Islam:

“Allah did choose Adam and Noah the family of Abraham and the family of Imran above all people” 3:33

To those who believe in Allah and His Apostles and make no distinction between any of the Apostles We shall soon give their (due) rewards: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving Most Merciful. 4:152

Freedom of Worship to Non Muslims: It is one function of Islamic law to protect the privileged status of minorities, and this is why non-Muslim places of worship [Churches] have flourished all over the Islamic world [with one exception]. Muslims during their rule granted freedom of worship to all religious communities in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Throughout the Muslim world, churches, synagogues and missionary schools were built within the Muslim neighborhoods. These places were protected by Muslims even during the contemporary crises in the Middle East. Qur’an is very specific:

“Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another there would surely have been pulled down monasteries churches synagogues and mosques in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid His (cause); for verily Allah is Full of Strength Exalted in Might (Able to enforce His Will).”(Qur’an;22:40)

While throughout Europe and America, Muslims are not permitted to make the call to prayer (adhan) on loud speakers, church bells ring freely in the Muslim world. Exception is Saudi Arabia, which is sacred to Muslims more that Vatican to Roman Catholics. The sacred sites are forbidden for the non Muslims on Divine command. Recently in Switzerland the constructing minaret for the mosque has been stopped. In USA, there is great opposition to plan of constructing a mosque in proposed Islamic cultural center few blocks away from ground zero.

[Allah knows the best]


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